Not a Driftwood Artist

9' x 7' x 18", Maine driftwood, hardware, 2013.

Commissioned for a house on the Maine coast.

Question Mark Clock

17' x 25” x 4', Concrete, granite, stainless steel, clock works, 1988.

Commissioned for the Downtown Seattle Transit Project.

Metal Mural

9'4” x 14', Metal, various fasteners, 1990.

Sited at the entrance to a high school metal shop, it has numerous types and forms of metal, plus a variety of fasteners (between the weld bead words that run around the border). 

Washington State Public Art.

The Tool Using Animal

4' x 6', Sandblasted granite, 1990.

Sited at the entrance to a high school drafting class room.

Washington State Public Art.

The Composer

72” x 21” x 19”, Fiberboard, wood, paint, 1984.

A portrait of Beethoven, commissioned for a hotel piano bar.

Illusion Seclusion

8' x 24' x 16', Wood, paint, chairs, hardware cloth (half inch mesh), people, 1991.

A temporary installation addressing the issue of personal space at a crowded, music festival (Bumbershoot). There were seven, differently configured sitting spaces, some more private, some more exposed.